Why Are There No Tiny Bears? (Humour)

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Suadiye Mahallesi

There goes this legend of how the three tiny bears got extinct: one day, a famine descended onto their land and wiped out all the fishes in the sea. And so the three tiny bears came together in front of God and prayed to him. The first bear (on the right) had no clue what was going on around him and was happy being the ignorant one, so he didn’t pray to God for fishes. The middle bear saw some pretty girls from afar, and was so busy staring at them, he had totally forgotten about God standing in front of him. The last bear (on the left) threw up his arms in exasperation and cried to God, “Why God, am I stuck with these morons?!?” 😂😂

*The bears are designed and handmade by myself,using acrylic yarns. Please let me know if you need more information or use the designs.*

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