A busy mother of one, living in Turkey, working full-time in a travel agency and trying to keep my sanity amidst chaos..

I was born and raise in a little, sunny Asian country called Singapore in the year 1978. Even though I travelled quite a bit while growing up, I never ever thought I would live aboard upon hitting adult life. When everything just went wrong and my life came to a standstill at the age of 27, in which I was broke, single and heart-broken then, I moved to Turkey on an impulse. I first came to Turkey on a tour and returned later to sit for an entrance examination for my masters program which I did not accept as I found a job in a travel agency. I had worked as a travel operator, a teacher, a translator, in sales and finally ended up as a travel operator again. In my 6 years living in Turkey, I never once wrote in to any jobs ads but these jobs just somehow came knocking on my doorstep. Even though I never stop working, I never gave up my dream of going back to University to do my masters in Psychology. Constantly looking for signs for me to return back to studies (I got a score of 144 on Raven’s Intelligence test, in other words I am genius; I studied in top 5th secondary school; got into Dean’s List in my university; got a string of awards for Mathematics and Science for some stupid papers we were forced to sit in in my secondary school days, I don’t really care much for those but somehow I was awarded silver and gold; need I say more? And yet I don’t have the guts to jump back to school. Uggghhhh!) Later, I moved out and became a single mom, and started this blog so I can clear out my thoughts, in hopes I could heal myself of my past and make better (and sane) decisions in life.

I used to do ballet, play the flute and draw cartoon animals when I was back in Singapore but all these stopped upon moving to Turkey. Now if I can find time, I crochet toys and hats in which I taught myself how to crochet and occasionally design some on my own. When the weather is good and cool, my son and I would hit the streets and explore the city. On super rare occasions when I didn’t need to work and my son is still in the child-care, I would (A) shop, (B) cut my hair at the hairdressers’ or (C) get my fortunes told by the fortune coffee-reader. I find them super cool to be able to read my future based on what’s left on my coffee cup. I would recommend this to anyone who visits Turkey to try it for fun. I chose the nickname anteater because I find these animals cool: they are nature’s vacuum cleaners, sucking up ants for lunch; I don’t eat ants, I find them disgusting and classify them as non-food. I added orange because I love the colours purple and orange. Purple is pretty but orange stands out more. I used to carry orange bag during school and I always get noticed a mile away because of the colour,  so I become orangeanteater and that’s me, sunny orangeanteater.


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