Assassin Dragon (illustration)

Clear Sky, 23°C

Today my son wants the Assassin dragon from Dragon Mania Legends

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I Am Still Thinking (comics)

Broken Clouds, 11°C

I am still thinking…

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Bamboo Dragon (illustration)

Broken Clouds, 12°C

Drawing more colouring exercises for my boy. The Bamboo Dragon from Dragon Mania Legends

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Monday Blues (illustration)

Broken Clouds, 9°C

Monday blues

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Taiyi Zhenren Dragon (illustration)

Broken Clouds, 4°C

My favourite dragon from Dragon Mania Legends. Did I tell you I love dragons too? I once asked a friend to draw me a dragon when I was in Junior College. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, my son now takes after my taste.

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Hou Yi Dragon (illustration)

Light Rain, 9°C

When you have a boy who is crazy over Dragon Mania Legends and wanted another drawing of his favourite dragons: Hou Yi Dragon

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Erlang Shen Dragon (illustration)

Light Rain, 6°C

When my son asked me to draw him his favourite dragon, Erlang Shen, from Dragon Mania Legends, how can I say no?

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